The new album Almost Blue is here!

Featuring Joel Frahm, Luques Curtis, Obed Calvaire, Lage Lund
Produced by Matt Pierson

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The debut New York album, featuring Gregory Hutchinson, Joe Sanders, Dayna Stephens and Jeremy Pelt. Fresh new original music with some classic jazz standards, inspired from living the New York underground Jazz scene.

Released: 2011

From an afternoon with the mountains

Inspired from consecutive years of performances at the Montreux Jazz Festival, Switzerland, this album is still one of the most special bodies of work Matt has created. All original music with the trio, percussion, and a suite written for Jazz Piano and Chamber Orchestra. Some of these works were composed in Switzerland, 'on an afternoon in the mountains'. Recorded back in Australia: All music written, arranged and conducted by Matt. Featuring Alex Boneham bass, Ko Omura drums.

Released: 2006